Speedy Turtle of Pelee Island

Pebbles on the Beach

White Lightening

Cuts through rocking caps

Red velour interior,

A cosy nose cabin,

Napping in the bow of a speedy boat.


Dreams crash and splash

Rock back

Rock forth

In the body of

Lake Eerie

Cold and Familiar.






Plant your ass in a ridge of sand

Let the waves hit you in the face,

Like this.

Like that.

Algae and minnows up the nose, burning in the back of the brain.

This is the way to a place that you know,

But can’t call up. 

Can’t call back.

Wrong number.

Try again.


Plan a treasure chest

Bury the map.

Memories are the pinks and the blues of a shell

Dried up, bleached out and gone, forgotten.

So much sad

The happy slipped off.

Can’t recall

Not at all

The fun times with my dad.


Turtle then,

Turtle now.


Dead fish heads with shells in their sockets

Crunchy yellowed scales, tanning and tanning and

Baking in the heat

No meat

All flesh is gone

Plucked by bald vultures

Savoured by midges and gnats

Like this.

Like that.

Like all the difference when he clicks like.


Speedy turtle

Tiny claws clack on warm stone

Pigsnout face and spinning funnel eyes

Not all turtles are slow.


Crickets in the corn whistle a song of sleep and sound

Comfort and dream


On hook

Too much

Or too little

Stars above.  All the time. 

So many stars. 


Turtle why?

Turtle how?


Turtle in the Tupperware

Mommy let me take you home.

You didn’t stand a chance.

Smokey fog of cluttered land

Chlorine faucet and pesticide grass

He turtled away.


Pebbles in the sand

Gunshots in the air

Scare the birds

Free the birds

Butterflies in webs

A trapped moth with eaten wing

Begin again.



And a wrinkled neck.


Set you free

Let you be

A shore.

A rock.


A bouncy glide

Freedom ride.

Blue and green as far as the farthest tree

Navigate rocks and potholes along the marsh.

Red treehouse, brown barn.

Sweet corn and a place to swim.


Tiny wise one

Turtle baby

With the never-ending-story eyes

And a snout of ancient times.

Little creature ready to float and to bask in the sun,

I seek and I search for a man that approves,

Who will tell me he’s proud,

That I’m good and I’m all,

All he’s wanted in a girl,

In a girl,

Like me.


Speed boat.

Speedy turtle.

Like this.

Like that.

Pebbles on a beach.



August 19th, 2012 


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